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What is Proximus Mobility?

Proximus Mobility's location based proximity and geofencing solutions allow retailers, hotels and casinos, venues, small businesses and advertising agencies to deliver rich, relevant content to consumers in and around the point of influence via their mobile device. Proximus Mobility’s in-depth analytics empower brands to capture significant consumer data which provides valuable insights to make more effective marketing decisions.

What is Location-Based Proximity Marketing?

Location-based proximity marketing is the hyperlocal distribution of relevant, location-specific marketing content to consumers by way of a mobile device. This content encourages impulse buying or an interaction at the point of purchase.

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Why Proximus Mobility?

Proximus Mobility enables brands to effectively reach and track their customers in the out-of home environment without an app, facilitating the ability to make cost-effective and educated purchase decisions.

The Proximus Mobility solution will allow you to engage with your customers at the point of influence and empower you with data on customer purchase behavior, dwell times, traffic patterns and other key metrics.

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"Proximus Mobility’s innovative technology allows brands to target consumers at the most granular levels, effectively measure location based marketing campaigns and capture customer data, dwell times and retail traffic patterns that will provide invaluable insights to brands looking to increase their marketing ROI and engagement with consumers.”

Tom Edwards | VP of Digital Strategy The Marketing Arm, an Omnicom Agency

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