Location-Based Proximity Marketing

Proximus Mobility is a hyperlocal software solution that enables businesses to reach customers through relevant messaging at the point of purchase via their mobile phone, all without an app and regardless of phone type. As the marketing message is timely, customers are more likely to take action.

Measurable Campaigns

Proximus Mobility enables brands to effectively reach and capture customer data and track their customers, providing executive level reports and in-depth analytics on dwell times, traffic patterns, shopping behavior, phone information and campaign effectiveness.

Ideal Location-Based Marketing Solution for a Number of Businesses
Retailers, Shopping Mall Groups, Restaurants, Hotels & Resorts, Venues, Event Organizers, Digital Out-Of-Home Companies and Agencies have all leveraged Proximus Mobility to meet their business needs. As we develop the software, our solution is customizable to meet your specific business objectives and costs less for a year than what you would expect to pay for a one-time half-page ad in a local newspaper.
  • Increase profitability
  • Sell higher margin items
  • Grow per-head spend
  • Drive brand loyalty
  • Incentivize repeat visits
  • Capture data for remarketing purposes
  • Add a new revenue stream
    Digital Out-of-Home
  • Extend traditional OOH ad campaign reach
  • Generate additional Ad Sales revenue
  • New digital offering
  • Provide deeper and richer metrics to your customers
  • Enhance portfolio of services to include proximity marketing
  • Generate new revenue from reselling Proximus Mobility
  • Extend the reach of your customer’s traditional media
  • Provide deeper and richer metrics to your customers
Proximus Mobility also collaborates with a number of different partners including: Channel Partners, Reseller Partners, Referral Partners and Integration Partners. To learn more, please contact us here
How It Works

With four easy to follow steps, the Proximus Mobility solution is virtually “plug and play.”

  • Plug in the Proximus Mobility access point
  • Load creative content using Campaign Manager
  • Consumer interacts with call to action
  • Measure and report campaign results
The Proximus Mobility Access Point

The Proximus Mobility access point utilizes BlueTooth and Wi-Fi to distribute content to mobile phones and connects to the Internet via Ethernet, 3G/4G, or Wi-Fi Mesh Network